Professional Thai Massage Services in Dickinson, TX

Swedish Massage at Yaya's Thai Massage

This is the most common type of massage therapy in the United States. Massage therapist uses long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or oil.

Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing. If you've never had massage before, this is a good one to try first. The Swedish massage is a reliable mainstay with a long history of usage. Known as the “classic massage” in many parts of the world, this variety uses a series of specialized strokes to relax the patient.

This is sometimes combined with a deep massage, which is aimed at relieving tension in the deeper areas of the musculature. Doing so involves exerting specialized pressure on the muscles. Assuming one is prepared for this, it can do wonders in achieving flexibility, relaxation, and even pain reduction. It can work wonders as a sports massage for those athletes who encounter physical stress or injuries.

Those who undertake the proper training are able to work miracles with the human body. If you’re looking for professional stretching massage therapy, check out Yaya’s Thai Massage #1 In Dickinson.

Pregnancy Massage at Yaya's Thai Massage

The miracle of pregnancy can also be a major stressor for the body. Hormone fluctuations, the weight of the fetus, and other issues all serve to make it a challenge. This is why many pregnant women are now seeking pregnancy massage.

Prenatal massage is aimed at relieving some of the stress and exhaustion associated with pregnancy. Some of these stresses are physical (swollen joints), while others are psychological. Either way, massages can help, and are often recommended by medical professionals to registered massage therapist.

When looking for a prenancy massage, it never hurts to ask about the therapist’s experience and qualifications. This is obviously not an area in which you want to take any chances. Thai massage is a complicated art, and there’s a reason that therapists have to take special classes to get licenses.

To learn more information about pregnancy massage, you should get in touch with Yaya’s Thai Massage #1 In Dickinson. We also offer other traditional Thai massage services.

Sports Massage at Yaya's Thai Massage

Yaya Thai Massage #1 In Dickinson and Yaya Thai Massage provides Thai massage services for those who enjoy sports. We offer you a professional sports massage therapist who knows the body’s anatomy to ensure your safety. They know how to ease muscle tension and improve your sense of well-being through a sports massage.

Many people who play sports have endured the pain and agony of an injury. They pull a muscle or over-extend it. Athletes rely on their body to perfectly operate during a game, but some don’t do proper stretching and training to avoid injuries. Each massage therapist can prevent further damage to your muscles by applying the appropriate amount of pressure.

A few examples of sports massage are foot massage, deep massage and trigger point massage. These methods concentrates on the body parts that you use the most while you play. You are constantly straining your feet while you run. During basketball or football, you overuse the same muscles while passing or shooting. In soccer, your leg muscles are surely getting a workout.

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